Our life and every part of it requires daily "tuning", as if it were a guitar. We are pure solidified matter, as is the whole Universe. Discover how we can re-tune these energies in us and around us.


Personal transformational sessions

Personal transformation sessions with Fiona

Join Fiona for a transformational session. You'll explore you life, relationships...the energies of your life, so that you can "tune" your life to what you want.

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Feng Shui Tuning Sessions

Feng Shui Tuning Sessions

Meet with us and we'll share with you more tools, techniques and ideas that can help you to re-balacne your life through "tuning". We walk throught he changes you'd like to make and what is "going on " in your life, from this we create a plan. Then we can discover which of your energies need re-tuning. We design a plan for you, invcorporating your environment, mind and emotions.  You can be your own Feng Shui Master!


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