• Fiona Whitmore


Sometimes Feng Shui consultants offer expensive consultations and give great ideas and cures, only to find that after a short while it seems that everything goes back to where it was. Okay, it's not that Feng Shui doesn't work, it's that it isn't meant to be a one off thing. Feng Shui means wind (outer energy)and water(innre energy) in other words, it is about the energy of our life, both inner and outer. This is changing, both from what we want, but also from what we're experiencing and thinking.

We need to be able to become our own Feng Shui masters and that is what Feng Shui Tuning is about (check our fengshuituning on Udemy).

So become aware of what is happening and then use tools on a weekly or daily basis to re-balance your environment, this re-balances you at the same time. It just takes a little time to make a huge difference.

Try checking the elemental cycles:water;wood;fire;earth and metal in your environment and place simple things that you have in your rooms. Let's have a look at which things we might have that we can use for this. remember we need all of the elemental cycles in each room.

Water: Dark colors, irregular shapes and anything glass.

Wood: Greens and blues, a scarf, a pillow or cushion and anything wood.

Fire: Anything with the colors of fire, like a mat or towel, candles or fireplaces and woodstoves.

Earth: Earth colors and anything with earth colors, anything made of earth as well as squares and rectangular shapes.

Meta:Anything made of metal or that has pastel colors, also white.

Once a week ask yourself how you are feeling check that with the element/cycles and add a few pieces in your most important rooms. The living room, kitchen and bedrooms will do. We have a lot more in our course on Udemy about this. Most importantly have fun:) #fengshui#fengshuituning#elements#fengshuielements#joy#


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