• Fiona Whitmore

Unlearning is the key to happiness


Tuning Feng Shui, is not a regular learning experience, it’s an awakening to who we are. Actually more of a remembering or unlearning, because we have all we need within.

These are ancient and new ways to work and ‘tune” energy and we use muscle testing and dowsing to double check our intuitive findings. This gives us extra confidence in our intuition.

Fiona has been teaching for over forty years and has developed and learned techniques, tools and meditations that are fun and powerful. She is an experienced teacher who can explain very complicated formulas in a very easy way. She not only shares teachings and what she’s discovered and learned, she enables you to experience Feng Shui Energy through tools, techniques, inner guidance/intuition and meditations.

You find you with Feng Shui Tuning, and discover that you are on an amazing journey of re-connection, opening, unlearning, change and transformation.

Let’s get started!

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