• Fiona Whitmore

Why use Feng Shui?

Tuning Feng Shui is simple and easy to use. It gives us the power to see our life in all of the “seen” and “unseen” parts. Then, through a process called ‘tuning ’ we can adjust these energies. Rather than being battered about by the winds of life, we can be conscious creators. Conscious tuners.

We all have a yearning for some kind of connection to fulfillment, love or peace. When we are in balance (in tune) we can more easily find this connection. In the moments when we are fully ‘tuned’, we find a connection to who we are - a connection to our source.

Energy Feng Shui focuses on helping us to ‘tune’ our energy, again and again to the place of our enlightenment. It’s like tuning a guitar. Our place of light or enlightenment is is always there, but just gets covered up with our daily living and expansion process.

So, what is it that we’re tuning?

We’re ‘tuning’ or expanding our soul’s energy.

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