• Fiona Whitmore

10 steps to clear and re-balance our environment Covid

This is a time of stress and of so many things in our life changing. Our environment can become clogged and gluggy...what can we do?

Step 1/ Take time each day to appreciate something. Your bed, a shower, even a door changes the energy in our environment right away.

2/Clap into corners to clear them ..then

3/Smile into rooms in a clockwise direction make a little energy tornado that clears and cleans

4/ Smile into your body each day and give thanks for how it has taken you so far and is truly and amazing body

5/Ask yourself which colors appeal to you today and place them around your rooms. Use scarves, pillows, clothes, whatever you have that's the right color for today.

6/ Remember to breather and relax your belly, stress blocks the energy in our homes

7/ As you walk around the rooms, use soft eyes (look out of the sides of the eyes with the eyelids slightly closed). Take care as you walk. You will slowly develop the ability to perceive how energy flows and then you can use some of the above to re-balance it.

8/ Organize the clothes in your closet in colors, so that you can pick the color each day that feels right 9/ Play soothing music sometime today...sit, relax and let it wash over you.

10/ Remember you can change the energy in your life through your environment. Take time to work out what you do want in your life and keep a journal is you can of what you want and how you can use your Feng Shui Tuning tools to make this happen.

Don't forget there is a whole course in Udemy on Feng Shui Tuning with lots of tools and interesting practical information.

Today is a gift look for the gifts throughout the day and it will change everything! Happy Feng Shui Tuning.


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