Fiona has been working with clients & students since 1980 and has successfully helped thousands of clients overcome their personal and professional issues in life. She created Healix Institute in 1996, so that and students could become certified in various modalities to help themselves and their clients. From her extensive experience, teaching and studies she created many courses within the Complementary Therapies field.

Fiona has traveled the world studying and teaching for over 35 years. She was an apprentice to Grandmaster Hong  a Qi Gong , Qi Gong and Feng Shui Master. She taught Feng Shui and other classes at Horton Hospital in Middletown New York, as well as at many Health Centers, conferences, retreats and homes of individuals. During the 90's Gloria Smith wrote several articles about her and her students in the Times Herald. Fiona traveled between New York and Los Angeles for many years and also  led classes and saw clients in Australia.

Fiona has practiced meditation for over forty years and guided students in meditations for over thirty. She returned to Australia in the early '90s to study with some Aboriginal elders  in the desert and to make the TV documentary"Women of the Earth."

You can find her book, "Auras and Chakras 911," on Amazon.

Fiona has a degree in Education, she taught for the Education Department of South Australia and sang with the Adelaide Festival Trust, The South Australian Opera Company and The Australian Opera.

Her upcoming Udemy courses in Feng Shui Tuning, Sound Healing and Toning, The Five Healing Qi Gong Sounds, Meditation, Healix Qi Gong, Healix Energy Healing, Auras and chakras 911, Fearless Death and more will help students who can't get to her classes or sessions to discover ways to find greater peace, joy, greater access to their light and purpose.

You can book a session or Feng Shui Tuning consultation by emailing her at

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